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Kaposvár ? Store Nr.1

Contact details:

61 Kossuth Lajos, Kaposvár
Phone/Fax: +36 82 423-014

Opening hours:

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday-Friday: 7am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 7am - 12:00pm

Kaposvári húsbolt

Kaposvár ? Store Nr.2

Contact details:

9 Budai Nagy Antal, Kaposvár
Phone / Fax: +36 82 321-046

Opening hours:

Monday: 6:30am - 12pm
Tuesday-Friday: 6:30am - 17pm
Saturday: 6:30am - 12pm

Kaposvári húsbolt

Kaposvár ? Toponár- Store Nr.3

Contact details:

2 Posta, Kaposvár-Toponár
Phone / Fax: +36 82 427-939

Opening hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Wednesday: 7am - 15pm
Thursday-Friday: 7am - 17pm
Saturday: 7am - 11:30am

Kaposvári húsbolt

Kaposvár - Store Nr.4

Contact details:

9 Berzsenyi, Kaposvár
Phone / Fax: +36 82 951 739

Opening hours:

Monday: 7am - 13pm
Tuesday-Friday: 7am - 18pm
Saturday: 7am - 13pm

Kaposvári húsbolt

We accept the following meal-vouchers:

Erzsébet utalvány Erzsébet utalvány

We accept the following credit cards:

Mastercard Visa

We inform our kind customers that we accept credit cards in our stores.

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Delivery areas

Where can I buy the products of Privát Húsfeldolgozó Kft.?

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