In December 2021, the GINOP 1.2.12-21-2021-00004 application was implemented.


The number of employees increased, there have been two wage increases and this year Privát Húsfeldolgozó Kft. Won the title of Employer of the Year in Kaposvár.


A new plant was built to expand production capacity and optimize its processes. In addition to the construction of new storage and technological facilities, machinery was procured within the framework of the GINOP-1.2.6-8-3-4-16-2017-00037 tender.


Our fourth store opened on 1 September 2013 in Berzsenyi street, Kaposvár.


The number of employees rose to 150, the company’s annual revenue exceeded 4 billion HUF due to the 150 million HUF worth of technological development that was made possible by the Darányi Ignác Plan.


A 250 million HUF worth of technological development took place with the help of the New Hungary Rural Development Program. The number of employees rose to 135, the company’s annual revenue exceeded3.8 billion. Our fleet expanded to 19 lorries in order to meet the needs of our clients’ companies. Production for export began.


The revenue reached 3 billion HUF, the number of employees rose to 110.


With the help of the AVOP new packaging, storing and curing parts were added to our plant,thus increasing the area of production to 3600 square meters (4300 square yards).


The revenue reached 2 billion HUF, the number of employees rose to 90.


With the F.V.M. tender a new plant of 1600 square meters (1910 square yards) was built in the Videoton Industrial Park, Kaposvár.


The Kossuth Lajos store was reconstructed.


Our third retail store opened in Budai Nagy Antal street in Kaposvár.


Our owner-operated store opened in the downtown of Kaposvár, in Kossuth Lajos street.


The revenue exceeded 1 billion HUF, the number of employees were over 60. The area of the factory quadrupled, completed by a retail and a wholesale unit.


The plant of Kaposvár-Toponár was built. Production and trade began in 250 square meters (300 square yards) with 5 people and 1 lorry.


The year of foundation.