Company philosophy

Our company has a history of 30 years. It is a family-owned, Hungarian enterprise which has gradually grown since its foundation and by now has reached a respected position in both the domestic and foreign market.

The main direction of our development is no longer quantitative, but the most important thing is to keep the quality at a high level in all areas, and continuous renewal.

We value our old partners and approach everyone who knows us recently with friendship. We have established a fair business relationship with our suppliers and customers, which does not lack personal acquaintance, mutual respect and respect.

László Ponekker
Owner, CEO

Oftentimes we hear that our modern world lacks personal contact, business life is rigid and feelings need to be excluded from it. I don’t believe in that. Moreover, I’m convinced it’s not true. We work with living material. At our company it is not the employees who produce products for the consumers, it is people who make delicacies for other people. And this is important to us.

Let me introduce Privát Hús Kft. with a rather personal experience. In 1977 a newspaper published the following – somewhat grand – statement about me: the best youngest butcher in Hungary. Whether this statement was true or not, I don’t know, but I did win the national contest called Young Master of the Profession that very same year. I have been proud of this achievement ever since. Back then I told my friends multiple times about my dream to one day have my own workshop and to become a master butcher. In those times our perspectives were different. The point hasn’t changed, though I am one of those lucky people whose dream came true. And I’m also proud of that.